Providers of: Daycare for children ages 3 months to 3 years, pre-schooling for 3 years to 5 years. (Nursery Education Grant available.)
Before, after and holiday care for school aged children.

Welcome to Daisy Chains. This website contains information we feel necessary in considering a provider of childcare pre-schooling for your child. We realise that your child’s early years are the most important, and we would like to ensure you that we provide good quality, constructive childcare. Our aim is to provide a safe, stimulating environment for your child to grow in socially, physically, educationally and intellectually.

Curriculum Planning
At our nurseries we follow the six areas of learning (foundation stages). Our themes and activities are structured from our long-term plan. All the children are placed in family groups with a key worker insitu. Family groups are taken twice daily; the groups work in small numbers to provide less distraction and to develop a close relation to their ‘aunt’.
All the children have their own file containing work produced while attending our nurseries, and a child development booklet which they can take with them when they leave nursery to attend school. We hold Parent’s Evenings twice yearly and Open Evenings where parents can come along and discuss their child’s progress.